Monday, January 18, 2010

The History

Everybody knows that the Quantum Police was started by Ludwig Wittgenstein and yet there continues to be discussions about this claim. In a recent article in The Guardian Weekend Supplement, British writer John Spence claims:

"Many great writers claim to have been influenced by The Quantum Police: Thomas Pynchon, Samuel Beckett, and some claim that the organisation was founded by Ludwig Wittgenstein."

The quote enrages me on two accounts.

1. "some claim that the organisation was founded by Ludwig Wittgenstein" is absurd. Nobody doubts that Wittgenstein founded QP since Jochen Herz's wonderful article that was published in 2003.

2. To my knowledge Samuel Beckett never knew of QP's existence. However, if it is true, it is wonderful news for all QP fans as it means that they virtually wrote Waiting for Godot!

If anyone knows about Beckett and QP, please let me know!